MikroProt laboratory for the study of micro and nano plastics, production of recombinant proteins, isolation of proteins from natural sources and characterization by mass spectrometry-based proteimics

MicroProt - the laboratory for the development and application of advanced methods of characterization of proteins and microplastics functions as a separate entity within the Innovation Center of the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade Ltd. It arose from scientific research and innovation projects in the field of biotechnology development and analysis of food proteins and proteins important for biomedicine (CAPSIDO project, ShellPCR project), as well as several European research projects that monitor the impact of environmental pollution on human health (IMPTOX, FoodenTwin and FCUB- ERA).

MicroProt is a modern biotechnological and analytical laboratory that gathers highly skilled staff and equipment of modern technology. MicroProt laboratory relies on vast experience in scientific research and innovative work in the field of biotechnology and protein biochemistry, the availability of the latest scientific and professional literature, as well as significant international cooperation with experts from relevant fields.

The MicroProt laboratory successfully cooperates with higher educational and scientific institutions, laboratories and other economic organizations from the country and the surrounding area, among which stand out the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology of the University of Belgrade, Torlak, INEP, the Medical Faculties of the University of Belgrade and Vienna, SANU, INRA (France), Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) etc.

Our team consists of chemists and biochemists with the highest academic and professional educations and titles, employed as teachers, researchers and associates of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Belgrade and the Innovation Center of the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade, who have many years of experience in analytical practice, research and innovation.

The activity of the MicroProt laboratory includes services and products in the field of biotechnology and polymer chemistry. Catalog of MicroProt laboratory products includes allergens, enzymes, antigens of viral proteins and oligomers of plastic materials.

If you have any questions, our expert team is at your disposal.