The Library of the Faculty of Chemistry was founded in 1869, the year when the first seven books were added to the inventiory. It is allso known that Lyceum held lectures in chemistry since 1839, and in 1853 the department for chemistry and chemical technology was founded, so books in the field of chemisty can be found then as well. The first books were in analytical chemistry, metalurgy and technology, and later in organic and inorganic chemistry.

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Library fund

The library fund contains over 100.000 library units. The largest share is occupied by foreign serial publications, chemisty handbooks and chemistry textbooks, which are used as lecture literature. The library owns a certain amount of encyclopedias, dictionaries and collections. Textbook literature is accesible to the public.

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A special place of the library fund is dedicated to:

The oldest serial publication Annalen der Chemie (Liebigs Annalen der Chemie), Weinheim, 1832, and the oldest book Bruno Kerl: Metalurgische Probirkunst, Leipzig, 1866, as well as two PhD theses:

Svetozar Jovanović:   Nova Elektroanalitička metoda za kvantitativno određivanje antimona
Mentor:   Milivoje S. Lozanić
Field:   Analytical Chemistry
Thesis defended in 1937.

Sergije A. Lebedev:   Adicije natrijumovih jedinjenja na kumarine
Mentor:   Milivoje S. Lozanić
Field:   Organic Chemistry
Thesis defended in 1943.

"Zbirka velikana srpske hemije" - The collection of greatest Serbian chemists (Museum of Chemistry) has in its collection old and rare books which belong to the library, but recognizing their value as display pieces they have become a permanent part of the museums setting.

The library has an alphabetical ledger sorted by journal title and a topographic ledger of serial publications, author and subject catalogs and monograph publications, aswell as catalogs of batchelors, specialists, masters and doctoral thesis.

The library has six PC-s, a printer and scaner. Two of the PC-s are in the students area, and one in the professors part. The central part of the library is occupied by the reading space which can accomodate 64 readers usually students and other users, while the other part of the library with 16 seats is dedicated to the professors, assistants, PhD students, research associates and other employees of the Faculty of Chemistry.


The Library employs two graduate librarians. A novelty since 2019 in the work enviroment is the realisation of cooperation with librarian-volunteers from the Department of Library and Information science from the Faculty of Philology. By these means significant cooperation with young colleagues is realised with the aim of furthering their specialization.



The Library cooperates with the National Library of Serbia, which is responsible for the application of regulations, and with the University Library "Svetozar Markovic" and its main department which is responsible for the application of expert library standars in Libraries. The library is registered in the Register of libraries of the court in Belgrade, registration number 06-218/31 from April 11th 1997.


Utilizing the Academic computer network access is enabled to KoBSON services, which number over 35.000 digital scientific journals and 170.000 e-books.

In the year 2018 the Digital repository Cherry was established with the goal of enabling open access to scientific publications, aswell as other results created within the projects which are preformed at the Faculty of Chemistry aspiring to increase citation count and visibility.

Work hours

During the summer, the Library will be open from 8:30 to 13:30 every work day.

Phone:   011/32-82-583,   062/547-909