Welcome to the presentation of the Department of Biochemistry!

The Department of Biochemistry's development and activities can be seen through biochemistry as a science at the Faculty of Chemistry, whose foundations were laid by professors Djordje Stefanovic and Bojana Grujic-Injac, and through the development of study programs from biochemical courses to a particular study group. The study group for biochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry started in 1987-1988.; however, biochemistry studies have a long tradition at the Faculty of Chemistry. Biochemistry has been taught (and is taught) as a unique discipline within the subjects Chemistry of Natural Products and Metabolism and Biosynthesis (later called Biochemistry) since the 1960s. From 1972 until establishing the unique biochemical study group, there was a particular biochemical orientation (one-year or two-year) in chemistry studies. In parallel with the basic ones, postgraduate studies in biochemistry were developed as a direction in postgraduate studies in chemistry. With the introduction of the study group for biochemistry, postgraduate studies in biochemistry were officially established.

The biochemistry study group's goal is to educate experts, graduate biochemists (completed basic academic studies), and master biochemists (completed master academic studies). They are trained for independent professional and research work in various fundamental and applied biochemical disciplines and joint work with experts in biomedical and biotechnological profile. In achieving this goal, in addition to teachers and associates who teach basic chemical and biological disciplines, the leading role is played by teachers and associates of the Department of Biochemistry. They take care of the organization and participate in the implementation of teaching.

Teachers and associates of the Department of Biochemistry teach biochemical subjects to students of other study groups of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Biology and Faculty of Physics.

Scientific research activity at the Department of Biochemistry takes place through research projects listed and briefly presented on the Projects page.