Group Memebers

Investigation of biologicaly active compounds

  • Rada Baošić, PhD, full professor
  • Aleksandar Mijatović, PhD, assistant professor, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Danica Perušković, junior research assistant
  • Branka Darić, PhD student at UB-FC

Development and application of analytical sensors

  • Aleksandar Lolić, PhD, associate professor
  • Tatjana Tripković, PhD, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia, Belgrade
  • Mihajlo Kulizić, junior research assistant

Research Area

  • Schiff bases and their derivates
  • Nanotechnology and (bio)sensors
  • Flow injection analysis
  • Quality control
  • Public health and environmental factors
  • Risk analysis

The research group deals with the development of electrochemical sensors for determination of various pollutants (active pharmaceutical ingedients, heavy metals) in real samples (farmaceutical products, environmental samples), and with sinthesys, characterisation and investigation of new biologically active compounds.

[Image No. 8]

Development and application of electrochemical sensors for flow injection systems.

[Image No. 10]

Synthesis and characterisation of biologically active compounds (Schiff bases), investigation of their activity, interactions with serum albumins and DNA, and the relationship between activity and structure.

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The Equipment Used in Research

  • AAS with flame and electrothermal atomization (lab. 502)
  • Álectrochemical working station (lab. 502)
  • Flow Injection system with amperometric detection (lab. 502)
  • Spectrophotometer (lab. 502)
  • Spectrofluorometer (lab. 509)


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