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Course code:

Course name:
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry

Academic year:


Attendance requirements:

(101A2 / 101K2) + 301A2



Study level:

basic academic studies, integrated basic and graduate academic studies

Study programs:

Environmental Chemistry: 2. year, summer semester, compulsory course

Chemical Education: 2. year, summer semester, compulsory course


Jelena J. Mutić, Ph.D.
associate professor, Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12-16, Beograd


Slađana Z. Đurđić
assistant, Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12-16, Beograd

Hours of instruction:

Weekly: three hours of lectures + five hours of labwork (3+0+5)


The goal of the course Instrumental Analytical Chemistry is to enable students to independently conduct measurements and determinations within the basic electrochemical (conductometry, potentiometry, electrogravimetry, coulometry, polarography and voltammetry) and optical methods (UV/VIS spectrophotometry, flame emission and atomic absorption spectrophotometry). In addition to this, students will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of speciation in environmental chemistry. During group and individual activities students do graphical and calculational presentation of the results of measurements.


Upon completing this course the student is able to appropriately select and apply micro- and macro-instrumental methods in the analysis of complex samples, including the samples from the environment.

Teaching methods:

Lectures and experimental work (group and individual activities).

Extracurricular activities:

As a part of their extracurricular activities, students are obliged to complete the graphs and complete each assignment which was a part of both group and individual activities.


Main coursebooks:

  1. M. Todorović, V. Antonijević i P. Đurđević: Optičke metode, Beograd
  2. D. Manojlović, J. Mutić, D. Šegan: Osnove elektroanalitičke hemije, Hemijski fakultet, Beograd, 2010.
  3. D. A. Skoog, D. M. West, F. J. Holler: Osnove analitičke kemije, Školska knjiga, Zagreb, Hrvatska, 1999.

Supplementary coursebooks:

  • M. Todorović, V. Antonijević: Zbirka zadataka iz instrumentalne analize, Hemijski fakultet Beograd, 1998.

Additional material:

Course activities and grading method


5 points (3 hours a week)


  1. Classification of instrumental methods. Introduction to electrochemistry.
  2. Conductometry.
  3. Potentiometry - general principles.
  4. Direct potentiometric measurements. Potentiometric titrations.
  5. Electrogravimetric methods - general principles.
  6. Coulometric methods.
  7. Voltammetry - general principles.
  8. Polarography. Pulse polarography. Stripping voltammetry.
  9. Introduction to optical methods. Classification and basic principles.
  10. Emission methods. Flame photometry.
  11. Absorption methods. Colorimetry and spectrophotometry (UV/VIS and IC).
  12. Atomic absorption spectrophotometric (AAS) methods.
  13. ICP OES and ICP MS.
  14. The selection of methods in the analysis of real samples.


0 points (5 hours a week)


  1. Conductometry - group activities.
  2. Progress test on conductometry and individual activities.
  3. Potentiometry - group activities.
  4. Progress test on potentiometry.
  5. Potentiometry - individual activities.
  6. Electrolysis - group activities.
  7. Progress test on electrolysis.
  8. Electrolysis and coulometry - individual activities.
  9. Polarography - group activities.
  10. Progress test on polarography.
  11. Polarography - individual activities.
  12. Optical methods - group activities.
  13. Progress test on optical methods.
  14. Optical methods - individual activities.


25 points

Written exam:

35 points

Oral exam:

35 points

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