Agilent Technologies High Pressure Liquid Chromatography System
1260 Infinity Series, Agilent Technologies, USA

The recently obtained Agilent 1260 Infinity offers the greatest flexibility for solvent selection and automation in HPLC method development, research and all HPLC applications requiring continuous access to a wide range of solvent choices. The Agilent 1260 Infinity have availability to rapidly switch between methods using different solvents and the capability of using binary, ternary or quaternary solvent gradients.

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  1. Purification of proteins and metabolites on analytical and semi-preparative scale;
  2. Characterization and quantification of proteins and secondary metabolites;
  3. Sample preparation for MS analysis.
Contact persons:

Simeon Minić and Maja Mladenović
phone +381-11-333-666-3


1260 Infinity Quaternary Pump VL maximum pressure 400 bar; 1260 Infinity Standard Autosampler; 1260 Infinity Multiple Wavelength Detector VL; 1260 Fraction Collector analytical scale; 1260 Infinity Thermostated Column Compartment; Standard flow cell; CD510-II Conductivity Detector microprocessor based; Columns: Zorbax Eclipse Plus C18 (4.6 × 100 mm, 3.5 µm particle size) - analytical, Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C18 (9.4 × 250 mm, 5 µm particle size), and Zorbax XDB-C8 semi prep column (9.4 × 250 mm, 5 µm particle size).

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