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Quality Management in Environment and Legislature

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There are no requirements.



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Aleksandar R. PopoviŠ, Ph.D.
full professor, Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12-16, Beograd


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Weekly: four hours of lectures (4+0+0)


To master legal elements of the environmental protection.


Obtaining of needed level of law knowledge.

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Main coursebooks:

  • Vladan Joldžić: Ecology Law of a State in Transitions - Serbia as an Example

Supplementary coursebooks:

  • Vladan Joldzic: ECOLOGY LAW – GENERAL PART – Or on the Elements Necessary for the Establishing and Existing of the Independent Law Discipline

Additional material:

  Course activities and grading method


30 points (4 hours a week)


  1. Reflection Concerning Name of the Subject.
  2. Necessity of Legal Approach to the Problems of the Ecology Values Protection.
  3. Defining of the Elements Necessary for the Existence of the Ecology Law.
  4. Methods Necessary for Complete Perceiving of the Ecology Law Relation as the Subject Matter of the Scientific Researching and Practical Treatment.
  5. Mutual Relation and Boundaries of Ecology Law and the Other Law Branches.
  6. International Law Elements of Importance for Development of Ecology Law.
  7. Ecology Law Principles.
  8. Public Properties’ Legal Regime and his Importance for the Ecology Law.
  9. Constitutional Fundaments of the Environmental law Developing and Normative Arrangements.
  10. Environmental Law Systematics Formed in Coherence of Group Objects, Legislature in Force and Levels of Law Passing.
  11. Toxins and other Dangerous materials.
  12. Ionizing radiation and Nuclear Safety.
  13. Accidental Situations.
  14. Nature of the Environmental Law Norms and their Mutual Connections with the Administrative Law Elements.
  15. Organs Obliged for Environmental Legislature Recuperating.

Oral exam:

70 points