Due to its internationally approved, diversified and high-quality research and education activities, the Faculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade (FCUB) represents one of the most important and prestigious institutions in Serbian research area and society. Faculty's strategic goal is to maintain and justify this outstanding reputation and to find new ways of enhancing it in the time of increased financial constraints which the universities in Serbia face nowadays. Within this document we want to establish the goals of the Faculty of Chemistry in the 21st century. Therefore, the FCUB takes the primary role in the mutually supportive activities of teaching, research and service.

A high-quality and up-to-date learning experience at the undergraduate level supported by appropriate programs and educational approaches fulfils all chemical career work demands. Further knowledge and the skill improvement provided by advanced training at the graduate level are mostly covered by student involvement into actual scientific research.

To achieve the full implementation of the Strategic Plan, the following goals in research, education, innovation, service and resources are established:

Scientific Research: Improving and enhancing the FCUB
  • research infrastructure;
  • research productivity;
  • external research funding;
  • national and international reputation for research developments;
  • research visibility within European research network;
  • participation in the European Research Area (ERA).
  • updating the FCUB curricula on a continuous basis in order to achieve cutting-edge education of our students;
  • providing new degree programs to reflect the changing needs of Serbia;
  • enabling student mobility in accordance with the Bologna Declaration;
  • striving to be a driving force and a resource in chemistry teacher education.
  • utilizing all available resources in the most efficient and most productive way;
  • providing the available external resources to support our mission;
  • enabling the publication and dissemination of scientific and professional knowledge through up-to-date publishing work in printed and electronic publications;
  • providing administrative and professional services which are helpful to the community and the industry;
  • technical expertise in the endeavors to solve problems of public concern;
  • providing an engaged and attractive department for the surrounding community and industry;
  • serving to our community using our expertise and equipment.

The established mission will be accomplished by the continuous, synchronous and efficient efforts in educational as well as in research area. With that goal in mind, the FCUB is focused on:

Education and scientific research
  • attract first-class scholars and teachers who have demonstrated ability and achievement in scientific and/or educational research;
  • attract excellent and highly motivated undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students;
  • provide challenging and modern educational programs for all-level students, emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge, technology, creative thinking and problem solving;
  • provide top quality educational and research facilities and administrative support services;
  • recognize and instigate excellence in learning, teaching and scholarly activities;
  • foster cooperation, interdisciplinary collaboration and achievement within the Faculty, within its strategic partnership with the Innovation Center of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Center for Chemistry of the ICTM (the accredited National Institute of the UB) and between the Faculty of Chemistry and the University, research institutes, government, industry, professional and community agencies and international academic institutions that have interests in the Faculty's activities;
  • provide opportunities and encourage the application for the projects of the Science Fund, the projects of the line Ministry and the projects of other ministries and funds;
  • support and strongly stimulate the application for internationally financed projects of outstanding value, such as Horizon 2020 projects and the projects which result from Horizon 2020;
  • provide opportunities for sharing educational expertise with Alumni, other persons in professional practice and other institutions.

The development of young researchers and scientists and the entire scientific research based on the demands of the 21st century, thus providing the incorporation of the FCUB into the European Research Area:

  • research consistent with the goals of the sustainable development of the United Nations and the thematic priorities of the EC:
    – health and wellbeing,
    – nanotechnology,
    – food and biotechnology;
  • synthesis, structure determination and biological activity of organic and inorganic compounds;
  • isolation of natural products and biomolecules, their purification, structure determination and synthesis;
  • development and application of technologies for environment protection and remediation;
  • development and application of new analytical methods;
  • computational chemistry.
Improving the institution visibility through:
  • participation in the international community of learning by developing connections with institutions, scholars, and students in the creation and know-how sharing;
  • development of the Web presentation, its modernization and continuous updating;
  • development of the social media accounts in order to stimulate direct communication with the users and thus spread the knowledge of chemistry and improve the visibility of the Faculty of Chemistry;
  • cooperation with the alumni of the Faculty of Chemistry who live and work abroad by establishing and developing a group of the alumni of the Faculty of Chemistry;
  • encouraging the cooperation with successful alumni who have pursued their careers in other scientific research institutions, agencies and companies in the Republic of Serbia;
  • participation in, as well as the organization of national and European scientific symposia, congresses, conferences, meetings and workshops;
  • developing partnership with the Serbian Chemical Society and the Serbian Biochemical Society;
  • continuous improvement of the digital repository of the Faculty of Chemistry "Cherry" with the aim of increasing the visibility of the scientific research;
  • promotion of the Faculty of Chemistry through greater dissemination of scientific results and through participation in the events which promote science in general.

Working conditions quality raising and adjusting to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards:

  • national and European financial support funding by applying to FP calls;
  • continuous student and staff education according to the GLP regulations;
  • permanent following and application of changes in the GLP standards.

The mssion of the FCUB is to continuously improve chemistry science in general by performing multidisciplinary research and research-based teaching within following disciplines: biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental, analytical, inorganic, medicinal and organic chemistry, chemistry of natural products, nanotechnology and nanochemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry.

The Faculty emphasizes supplementary development of internationally recognized programs of research and education, and is committed to serve the society and the international scientific community with its knowledge.