GC/MS Spectrometer GC-FID-MS Agilent 7890A - 5975C EI CI

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Instrument configuration:

GC-FID-MS Configuration with two detectors (flame ionization and mass detector) and two exchangable ion sourses (electon and chemical ionization). CTC PAL II autosampler for liquid, head space and MEPS sample preparation with large volume injection. Software is MSD ChemStation with additional packages (DRS, Cycle Editor) and NIST Search 2.3 with AMDIS 32 and comertial MS libraries with more than one million mass spectra. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile compounds from complex mixtures.

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Supported experiments:

Static headspace, large volume injection, trace analysis, MEPS automated sample preparation, EI (70eV) and CI mass specta (methane and isobutane). Availabe configurations: GC-FID and GC-EI-MS or GC-FID and GC-CI-MS.

  • analysis on non-polar, mid-polar and polar capillary columns
  • direct analysis with no column (using fused silica empty tube) 
Contact person:

Professor Vele Tešević
e-mail: vtesevic@chem.bg.ac.rs
phone: +381 (0)11 2630-474

Usage request form for GC/MS analysis on Agilent 7890A /5975C   (PDF, 263 KB)