BIOSTAT Bplus 2L DW 230V Bioreactor

BIOSTAT Bplus 2L DW 230V Bioreactor is autoclavable laboratory fermentor/bioreactor system suitable for a wide range of research, education and industrial applications, applicable for:

  • Microbial culture - growth of bacteria, yeast and fungi;
  • Cell culture - growth of animal, insect and plant cells;
  • Transition from shaker or tissue culture flask;
  • Small scale protein expression.
Equipment description:

BIOSTAT Bplus consisting of Basic Housing, Rotameter 0.42-4.2 lpm QF 80, Gassing pump module, 2x peristaltic pump WM 102, temperature slot, pH electrode EF set, pO2 electrode set, anti foal sensor, level sensor, PT100 2L autocl. Vessel, External MFCS Software, Various cables with connecting and blind plugs, Baffle Cage Uni Vessel 2L, Inoculation port, Harvest Pipe, Manual Sampler, 4-Ways addition fitting, Storage Bottle 250 mL, Stirrer drive 200W.

Manufacturer: Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH, Germany.

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Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12, Belgrade, first floor, room number 443.

Responsible person:

Milan Nikolić
phone: +381 11 3336 657
cell phone: +381 63 200 324

Contact persons:

Jelena Radosavljević
phone: +381 11 3336 663
cell phone: +381 64 883 8446

Usage request form:

Bioreactor_form.doc   (MS Word DOC, 17 KB)