The Great Serbian Chemists' Collection, a museum collection at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry, is dedicated to preserving academic heritage in the field of chemistry. It is specialized in the evaluation and exhibition of cultural heritage in the field of chemistry, the scientific development of chemistry and display of chemistry teaching aids.

The legacies of great chemists, such as Sima LozaniŠ, Marko Leko and VukiŠ MiŠoviŠ, are preserved in the Collection. Moreover, 19th- and 20th-century apparatuses and utensils from chemistry laboratories, as well as valuable and rare chemicals from that period, are exhibited here. Chemical analysis reports, well-known books and various scientific papers witness the development of chemistry in Serbia.

The collection is a member of the Association of Scientific and Technical Museums and it is in the UMAC database.

Explore our collections and schedule a visit. Admission to the museum is free of charge.

[The Collection - Photo by Ana Djordjevic]