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Chemistry Biochemistry

Study programme "Biochemistry"


Weekly number of classes per course is given as: lectures + theoretical practice + labwork or as: (active teaching + individual work).

Course Code ECTS Semester
Year I 1 2
Bioinformatics 2451B 4 2+2+0  
Contemporary Biochemical Methods 2452B 8 (7+1)  
Elective Course 1 2IP1B 4  
Elective Course 2 2IP2B 4  
Study and Research 2IR1B 10 (0+10)  
Study and Research 2IR2B 10   (0+10)
Diploma Work 2IZRB 20   (0+20)
Elective Course 1,   Elective Course 2

Elective courses can also be those courses that are compulsory on other study programmes of the same study level.

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